Easily forgotten

January 11, 2008

A slice of life from First ScotRail last night.

Several seats behind me there was a harassed mother on her own with a small, howling toddler. A very loud, small, howling toddler. The experienced parents in the carriage thought “that child is very tired, I bet she falls asleep in the next 15 minutes”. The smartly dressed business woman in the seat behind me muttered and fumed about the noise, between her mobile phone calls. Eventually she could stand it no longer,irritated and stood up.  

She said something to the fraught and embarrassed mother, who apologised and carried the screaming, struggling child beyond the partition door at the end of the carriage.The business woman continued her phone calls in peace… 20 minutes later the child was fast asleep, and her exhausted mother returned to her seat. 

90 minutes later the smart business woman was chatting to her travelling companion, clearly a work colleague. “So, have you got any children?” He asked in a small talk fashion. “No, I haven’t” she said sadly and sincerely, “but I wish I had.”


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