What am I upto??

January 17, 2008

Apart from shuttling between G and P in firstscot rail and being a nice host to my alien visitors what am I upto these days??

1) The Mahabharata : a shortened modern prose version of the Indian epic – Narayan, R. K. – London : Heinemann, 1978 .
2) Snakes and ladders : glimpses of modern India . Mehta, Gita – London : Vintage, 1998
3) India after Gandhi : the history of the world’s largest democracy – Guha, Ramachandra – London : Macmillan, 2007

1) Rome Season 2 (“Heroes of the Republic”,”Philippi”)
2) Adrenaline pumping Chinese action movies(House of Flying Daggers,Curse of the Golden Flower)

I’ll tell you what…I am also trying to figure out various ways and means of tackling those relatives back at India who tend to ask “Ippo ange enna time??” type of questions, once in every 40 seconds in a 5 minutes conversation .


5 Responses to “What am I upto??”

  1. G.Ragavan Says:

    Ha ha.. nice to read what ur up to..

    r u planning for “whom ur up to” post? 🙂

    i too get to hear “anga ippo enna time” question quite often. 🙂 i didnt change my laptop time settings. still it shows indian time.

  2. Jeee .. i came for a very serious post 🙂

    interesting extremes of the books ..

  3. sudgopal Says:

    @ JeeRaa,
    //“whom ur up to”//
    Tell me about it. Would love to write on that topic.But….

    //i didnt change my laptop time settings. still it shows indian time.//

  4. sudgopal Says:


    //interesting extremes of the books ..//

  5. ILA Says:

    Wht is the time there?

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