Hail Lorry Sona

January 23, 2008

Sona means gold.One of my tution mate was this Sona, whose ancestors have migrated from Rajasthan to CBE. She looked gorgeous when she wore that……

Hell…No.. Am not gonna rant about that Sona.

Tamil movie lyricists have had a fancy towards this particular name.(and so do they have for “Senorita”).This name has been quite popular in tamil filmdom right from the 1980’s.

Do you remember this musical from KB in which the bell bottom wearing UNs(UN – Uchcha Natsathiram,Ulaga Nayagan) were shown merrily singing and dancing in ‘ingapore? Though the movie has a crappy story it has awesome songs composed by the legend. Clever..Clever..I am talking about “Ninaithale Inikkum”. The heroines name in the movie is Sona.That is Sona#1 for you.

Then came Manisha “Sona” Koirala in Indian. Tell me about it…Amazing song with an awesome picturization…That is Sona#2 for you.

Circa 1998…Ooty – Ajith – Jo. Wow… Sona#3.Jeeva’s photography has taken the movie (and the songs) into new heights.Though the entire nation was crazy about this song,I’d prefer “Nilavai kondu vaa” . No..Not for Simrans hiponomics. But for that “Kakkai Siraginile… Nandalala” interlude played in Sitar(Sitar???I guess..)

Ladies and gentlemen…after making yout to wait for 10 long years, we produly announce the arrival of “Lorry Sona“…

Er..who??? Lorry what???Is this Sona’s new avtar?? Sona v2.0???

For the un-initiated,try to grab some (sound) bytes from the following link…


(Search for”Nakka Mukka”)

This Sona really rocks…Hail Lorry Sona


2 Responses to “Hail Lorry Sona”

  1. ILA Says:

    I cant listen to the song now, however I liked your build up for this song..

  2. bsubra Says:

    sona…sona… hamara rexona…

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